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Is This Good Or Bad? Ezra Klein Drops F-Bomb

Let’s hope Ezra Klein‘s mother isn’t reading Vox Media.

This week in a conversation with The Atlantic‘s senior editor Ta Ne-hisi Coates, the liberal wunderkind of a journalist, while wearing skinny jeans, expressed his feelings about solving climate change. (I’m glad to see he took my advice on the bizarre concrete background that was previously in these videos as well as his attire. He’s now in a blazer, tie and jeans, the exact outfit I suggested. His hair is not in a Jewfro state — two thumbs up!)

“I think we’re fucked,” he wrote, not mincing his words.”Or, at least I think our grandchildren are fucked.”

Really, “fucked” in the text beneath the video? No dashes. Just straight up fucked.

On the one hand, I kind of like this new brash, unbuttoned Ezzy. It’s nice to see him rolling up his shirtsleeves, throwing off his glasses (so to speak), and saying how he truly feels. On the other, come on Ez, is this really you? Can you really pull this fucking thing off?

Let’s hope so, actually.