Dale Peterson Is Back On His Horse, Running For Office Again

Late Wednesday evening, an email arrived in this reporter’s inbox.

“Help me out here Big guy!” wrote Dale Peterson, the gun-toting, horse-riding Republican who is running again for office in Alabama.

The 68-year-old from Shelby County — whose unorthodox campaign videos for agriculture commissioner were among the most watched of 2010 — is back on his horse again angling for votes. And he’s releasing a new video with a familiar theme.

Though he lost his campaign in 2010 for “ag commish” and has had some legal issues since, Peterson is locked in a run-off on July 15 for the Republican nomination for state auditor.

Here is his latest ad – a 30 second video of him riding his horse to western music:

Asked if the ad will run on television, Peterson told The Daily Caller: “Yep…..but only limited.”

“The establishment will not give me any money,” he said. “I really could use some help in that category. You know anybody who could help?”

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