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Morning Mirror

CHELSEA CRACKS ON LAUER: “I can’t wait until next week when he joins MySpace, then Friendster, then the next week Al Roker can shit his pants again at the White House.” — E!’s Chelsea Handler on NBC TODAY Show host Matt Lauer announcing that he’s joining Facebook next week.

Capitol Hill Erik Cantor fallout

“Possibly better use of steaks in campaigns: Distribute them door to door. Like, to voters.” — USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.

“The world in which we live: Someone just yelled at Mark Sanford (Mark Sanford!) wanting to know who he supports for majority leader.” — Yahoo! News’ Meredith Shiner.

“From what I can tell from people in room, it’s mostly a well of sympathy for a man who has been humbled, a leader beginning farewell.” — WaPo‘s Robert Costa.

“INSIDE THE GOP MTG: CANTOR says “it doesn’t have to be a bad day.” Three standing ovations so far.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman.

“Other members on the way to the meeting snark and mutter under their breath after spotting [Pete] Sessions seeking media attention.” — Breitbart NewsCharlie Spiering.

“I hope @thehill will shut down the Tune Inn for me when I suffer a stunning defeat in my primary.” — The Hill‘s Alexandra Jaffe.

Travel Bitches

“Europeans and Asians do airlines so much better than Americans. My flight today a good reminder that @Delta is the worst of the US airlines.” — Sohrab Ahmari, editor of WSJ Europe.

NYT reporter needs talking points for cab rides 

“My cabbie asked me who I’m supporting in the World Cup. I guess I need a talking point on that.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.


DOG DAYS OF D.C.: “I know my hair often is a mess but never THIS bad.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren.