The Mirror

Bath Time

When you go to a waffle house, not a great idea to fight with the cook… Find out just how dangerous it can get. See here.

Nikki Finke takes off the gloves with Deadline‘s Joe Penske… The sharp-tongued entertainment writer ran the legal letter Penske sent her, threatening her about shutting down her newly launched website. Come on, Joe, did you really think she wouldn’t run it? She waited seven months to start up again due to signing a non-compete clause. Apparently Penske thinks she broke the agreement. Finke, of course, says she didn’t. “Jay doesn’t scare me,” she snapped. “He never went to arbitration on anything he was supposed to. Penske thinks he can terminate me and not pay me and still be my boss. Doesn’t work that way in America!” Read here.

Gov. Chris Christie looks like he’s shedding pounds… Watch him boogie with Jimmy Fallon. How does Fallon get these pols to embarrass themselves like this? Watch here. And watch him do similar dance moves with first lady Michelle Obama here.

Lisa Ling has trouble focusing… See here. “My head is kind of spinning, but I feel some relief,” she says.