Conan O’Brien: Obama In ‘Free Fall’

Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien briefly rapped President Obama on his TBS show Thursday night, declaring the president in “free fall” in a rare joke at the White House’s expense.

“Former President George H.W. Bush turned 90 today, and he celebrated by going sky-diving,” he began, to audience applause.

“So if you include Obama, there were two presidents in free fall today,” O’Brien cracked. Cue cautious applause and nervous laughter from the audience as the comedian grinned self-consciously.

O’Brien could’ve been referring to any of the half-dozen scandals now rocking the Obama administration.

But the crisis de jure on Thursday was the implosion of the Iraqi government at the hands of Sunni terrorists, which critics claim was facilitated by President Obama’s failure to secure an agreement that would’ve kept some American troops in-country after 2011.

O’Brien was famously gentle with Obama when he headlined the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2013. Perhaps even Coco is starting to sour on the president.


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