Yes, This Smoking Hot Blonde Looks JUST Like Elsa From Frozen [PHOTOS]

This 18-year-old model is getting a ridiculous amount of attention because of how much she looks like Elsa the Snow Queen from “Frozen.” In real life, she lives in sunny Florida.

Anna Faith Carlson, now Instagram famous with over 270,000 followers, closely resembles the animate character from Disney’s 2013 film so much that she makes money from dressing up and appearing as Elsa at birthday parties and schools. She even recruited a friend, Brittany Lee, to dress as Elsa’s little sister, Anna.

They even adorably sang “Let It Go” with a classroom full of little kids.

Her latest posts appeal to followers to repost a picture of her dressed as the Disney character with the hashtag #AnnaAsElsa with the hope that ABC will cast her as Elsa on the show “Once Upon A Time.”

See more pictures of her dressed as Elsa below.

And yes, she went to prom dressed as the cartoon character too.