CNN’s Bash: Cantor ‘Trying To Be A Good Republican Soldier’ After Loss [VIDEO]

CNN anchor Dana Bash tried to explain Republican Eric Cantor’s reticence during an Sunday interview on the House Majority Leader’s stunning primary defeat last Tuesday, claiming he’s “trying to be a good Republican soldier” and may be plotting a political comeback.

Cantor appeared with Bash on Sunday to discuss the loss,  but the Virginia congressman refused to speculate on the reasons for his defeat and spoke largely in Republican platitudes (RELATED: Eric Cantor Ducks And Dodges During CNN Post-Mortem Of His Campaign).

“I tried to get him off his talking points,” Bash told CNN’s Gloria Borger with a laugh. “I don’t know how successful I was.”

“But the one thing I thought was interesting is he’s definitely trying to be a good Republican soldier,” she continued. “He is going to vote for David Brat, the guy that just beat him, in the general election.”

Borger agreed. “You know, what struck me is he’s clearly thinking about a career in politics at some point in the future,” she explained. “He did stick with the Republican talking points.”

“He did not sound like somebody who is the number two person in the House who had just been buried by a political unknown,” Borger noted. “He sounds like he’s kind of going to plot a comeback.”


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