Idiot SUV Driver Who Struck Bicyclist on Pedestrian Bridge Was a Virginia State Employee

Jim Treacher | Blogger

I told you about this yesterday. Just imagine: You’re minding your own business on a sunny Saturday afternoon, taking a pleasant bike ride. Then this happens.

WVEC in Norfolk has an update:

The Virginia Department of Transportation has confirmed the driver of the car in Saturday’s accident is a bridge tender. VDOT says the contract employee has been placed on administrative leave while the agency investigates the accident.

So, a government employee was driving recklessly and hit somebody. He didn’t identify himself as a government employee at the scene. And not only did the cops refuse to investigate, they blamed the victim.

Imagine that.

I have no idea what sort of punishment, if any, was given to the guy who hit me. In this case, though, the government employee in question has been punished with a paid vacation for hitting this woman. That’s what “administrative leave” means.

He’s learned his lesson now, huh?

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