Reporter Sees US Game-Winner Live, Instantly Goes Full Patriot [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson | Contributor

Reporter Drew Carney of KGW in Portland, Ore., is an American. And not just in the sense that he was born here and lives here. No, Carney is much more American than you could possibly imagine.

While reporting on the World Cup Beer Garden during Monday’s Team USA victory over Ghana, Carney was perfectly prepared. While interviewing the founder of the Beer Garden, John Brooks scored the go-ahead goal that gave Team USA the victory over Ghana.

But Carney didn’t leap up and down like his fellow Beer Garden compatriots, who instantly started chanting “USA.” Instead, Carney, with his stoic George-Washington-of-World-Cup demeanor, simply looked into the camera, unzipped his windbreaker, and revealed a Team USA jersey before asking, “Do I need to say anything more?”

No, Drew. No you don’t.


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