Some Women Get More Aroused By Shoes Than Sex, Survey Shows

One in five women are more turned on by a pair of new shoes than by their lovers, taking their love of stilettos to a whole new level. One in six married women also prefer new shoes to their husbands.

The survey conducted by focused on 1,000 women between the ages of 35 and 44, according to the Daily Mail. It also showed that 50 percent of women lie about how much they spent on their shoes. 50 percent also judge other women negatively on their shoe choice, even though 82 percent of the women surveyed admitted to wearing knock-off brands.

One in four women take “pain is beauty” to a new level and say that they never take off their heels, no matter how much they hurt their feet.

Despite what seems like an obsession with shoes, the average American woman owns 17 pairs but only wears three pairs on a regular basis.

If the shoe fits…