FINALLY! Republicans Get Their Own Carlos Danger In Arizona Schools Boss John Huppenthal

Arizona schools superintendent John Huppenthal admitted earlier this week that he has been posting anonymously on a number of political blogs using a handful of pseudonyms.

Some of the postings attributed to Huppenthal, a Republican, are inflammatory and impolitic. He called food stamp recipients “lazy pigs,” for example, and equated Margaret Sanger’s promotion of abortion for poor black people to the extermination of Jewish people by the Nazis, reports The Arizona Republic.

He also blamed Franklin Roosevelt’s policies during the Great Depression for the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany and suggested that Obama’s policies are similar to Roosevelt’s.

Huppenthal has apparently used at least two different screen names to write his screeds. They are Thucydides and Falcon9. He’s been at it since at least 2011.

A group of bloggers at Blog for Arizona, a pro-Democrat outfit, had been maintaining for months that Huppenthal was the man behind the pseudonyms.

On Wednesday, he came clean to the Republic.

“I love talking about public policy, and I have a passion for engaging in debate,” the state school superintendent said in a statement released on Wednesday. “I probably have 300,000 words out on the Internet, and 100 of them are getting me in trouble. When all of your missteps are there all together for people to see, it’s not a pretty picture.”

He also apologized.

“I sincerely regret if my comments have offended anyone,” Huppenthal said.

So what were the blog comments that have landed Huppenthal in hot water out in the Arizona desert? The Phoenix New Times has collected a bunch of them.

On Oct. 15, 2011, Falcon9 wrote:

Our successful small businessmen/job creators are being taxed to death. At most, they should give up 40 cents on the dollar to expanding government burden. But, Obama demands 63 cents. Meanwhile, Obama is rewarding the lazy pigs with Food Stamps (44 million people), air conditioning, free health care, flat screen TV’s (typical of “poor” families).

In his statement, Huppenthal explained that the phrase “lazy pigs” is a reference to a classic folk tale, “The Little Red Hen.” The fable involves “a fat lazy pig” who “refuses to help the little red hen sow her seeds,” he said.

In a June 21, 2012 comment at the Blog for Arizona, Falcon9 declared himself as a bit of a birther:

Obama said he was born in Kenya!!!! If this were a Republican, you would be going nuts demanding those college records.