Embattled New York Congressman Charlie Rangel Compares Hamas To Tea Party

Members of both major political parties in the United States have their more controversial members who typically and necessarily motivate, invigorate, and strengthen their side’s arguments and proposed solutions to this nation’s severe problems.

However, there always seems to be one that stands out, and says something so unbelievable that it ceases to be helpful to the conversation, and only makes Americans dislike their members of congress even more so.

The esteemed Representative for New York’s 13th congressional district has been in office for more than 40 years, and I’d hope by now he would learn that you don’t have to speak with venom in order to advance the agenda you feel is the right course for a district, a state, or the nation as a whole.

I actually thought cheating on your taxes by not declaring rental income from a home in the Dominican Republic, claiming “cultural and language barriers” had hindered him from understanding the finances of his house, was pretty bad. He still won re-election. One would think getting censored on the house floor would be enough of an embarrassment for a congressman to go through.

What about stiffing the landlord of his Harlem political office, claiming he “lost the lease” and completely abandoned his responsibility to pay $87,000 rent? That too did not earn him the rebuke of his constituents, even as many of them struggle to pay their own bills.

The thirteen ethics charges filed against Rangel were shockingly ineffective as he continued to win elections afterwards. These scenarios would make most men watch carefully what they say, do, and insure they are in compliance with the proper discourse of political conversation.

…and then I see this video.

It’s almost unbelievable for me to type this because I can’t understand how or why this comparison was drawn. I’m doing my best not to pretend to be a doctor, but this way of thinking can only originate from someone who is either insane, or an outright hurtful monster of a person.

While discussing the serious kidnapping of the three Jewish teen boys in Israel, one of whom is an American citizen, Rep Rangel managed to compare the internationally recognized terrorist group, Hamas, who fires rockets as recent as today, from the Gaza Strip into civilian territory in Israel, from civilian areas in Gaza, a double war crime, to the tea party which formed in 2010 to combat big government and wasteful spending of taxpayer money.

The talk show host clearly was not going to let this disgusting remark go unchallenged, immediately clarifying that “You can’t compare the tea party to Palestinian terrorists!”, forcing Charlie to tone down the rhetoric and explain his lunacy.