The 10 Most Embarrassing Moments In LeBron James’ Career [PHOTOS]

Ok, I’ll concede. LeBron James is probably the best basketball player on the planet right now. But the guy can’t seem to not embarrass himself. Here’s not one, not two, but 10 times LeBron has utterly embarrassed himself.

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  • … Or not. (Photo Credit:
  • LeBron’s got two by this point. The Heat are a juggernaut. He’s coasting to eight by this point. That is until Tim Duncan dusted off the walker with the rest of the San Antonio Spurs and put LeBron in his place. But hey, there’s still a lot of time… (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • LeBron’s toughness has been questioned for a while. He’s a monster specimen, but just doesn’t stack up to the truly rough and tumble athletes. Cramps hurt, but do you really need to be carried off with your face wincing during the finals? At least we got a meme way better than Tebowing. (Photo Credit:
  • Failing miserably in your opening season to a Yeti from Germany. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • The best way to celebrate going to a team that landed a coup in free agency is to boast about how you’ll win eight championships. And then… (Photo Credit:
  • You know you’re going to abandon your home team for a monster contract with other star athletes. You know it will likely sting the fan base of a town whose economy is basically based off your athletic ability. You know these things. So why not televise it for the whole world to see? (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • This one ain't his fault, but boy is it embarrassing: The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a roll until LeBron struggles in the playoffs. Why, you ask? Because his teammate Delonte West decided to bed Mama ‘Bron. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • Everyone loves giving back to the kids. LeBron is no exception. At a basketball camp for college players, LeBron decided to really help then college star Jordan Crawford out by getting viciously dunked on by him. Now that could happen to anyone. But to then confiscate all the tapes of the incident to try and save face? Come on, bro. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • LeBron’s the toast of the town and the star of the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Everybody loves him and he can do no wrong. Except show up to a Cleveland Indians game wearing a Yankees Hat. Why not just send a middle finger right then and there to let the team know you were leaving. (Photo Credit:
  • You’re the best high school player in the country and your final game is going to be televised on ESPN. What better way to celebrate than by taking free jerseys against high school bylaws and forfeiting your eligibility? This was only the first time LeBron left his teammates hanging. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)