Bitter Hillary Supporter Snaps At Reporter For Asking Questions About Clintons’ Wealth

An angry Hillary Clinton supporter snarled at a local San Diego journalist for asking questions about Bill and Hillary’s massive bank account, calling the nonplussed reporter an “obnoxious little man” who’s “trying to incite things.”

KUSI reporter Dan Plante turned out Wednesday morning to interview San Diego residents lined up to meet Hillary Clinton as part of her “Hard Choices” book tour.

Plante highlighted Hillary’s claim that she and Bill were “dead broke” after leaving the White House to a group of older female supporters.

“I guess in the book she’s trying to paint themselves as being normal, regular people,” he told one, “when I don’t really think the rest of us think they’re normal and regular. What do you think?”

The woman claimed she thought it possible they left the White House without a lot of savings. But Plante pointed out they “padded their account to about $100 million right now. And I think they knew that coming out of the White House, because anytime you write a book you’re in the money.”

“And the speaking tours,” the supporter offered helpfully.

“I dunno how much Hillary is being paid to speak downtown, but probably picking up a couple coins,” the reporter continued, causing another supporter to cross her arms and angrily glare at Plante.

“So this almost feels like a campaign out here,” he continued. “It feels like a political campaign rather than a book signing.”

“It could be,” the first woman continues. “It certainly is a good way to test the market.”

Then Plante noticed his admirer. “This young lady over here is giving me evil looks,” he asked her. “What’s going on?”

“I think you’re an obnoxious little man,” she said, staring daggers at the reporter with her arms crossed.

“She thinks I’m an obnoxious little man!” he smiled at the camera. “Why is that?”

“I think you’re trying to incite . . . things,” she said.

“I’m asking real questions!” he pushed back.

“No, I don’t think you’re asking real questions,” she condescended. “I disagree with you, I think it’s ratings for your TV show.”

“It’s called being a journalist, by the way,” he snarked, “and not being on a bandwagon. Anyway, thanks for your input!”

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