Umpire Joe West Takes A Foul Ball To The Chest Like A Man [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson | Contributor

With all the soccer currently on TV, it’s somewhat hard to imagine what real athletes who can take a beating look like. We see dives, trips and the occasional bite, but nothing too exciting.

So how about we let MLB umpire Joe West, whose nickname is Cowboy Joe according to Wikipedia, shows the world how it’s done. During the Oakland A’s/New York Mets game Tuesday night, a foul ball screamed down the first base line at the 61-year-old man.

But Joe channeled his inner backstop and simply deflected the ball like it was a stupid fly instead of a major league hit. Then, simply because he wanted to turn his man-dial up to 11, he flexed and probably stole your girlfriend.

Check out the video below.


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