Irina Shayk Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Greatest Achievement [SLIDESHOW]

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the greatest and wealthiest soccer player on the planet, but his real achievement is his Russian model girlfriend, Irina Shayk, who has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue seven years running now. Check out scorching photos of this soccer girlfriend below. You don’t have to be a soccer fan — you just have to be an Irina fan.

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  • Irina easily wins the LBD award in our book. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Pretty sure Irina was born on the red carpet. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Here's Irina in her natural habitat: the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party. [Photo: Reuters]
  • All policies at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner revolved around Irina. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Irina debuting Triton's 2015 Summer Collection on the runway. Yes, she wears clothes you can't even buy yet. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Irina is a even a hot shot in cowboy gear. [Photo: Reuters]
  • She went to the launch of "The Perfect Bra" because she is perfect, duh. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Irina's slit lit up the 2014 Cannes Festival. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Irina's plunging neckline could probably get her a red card on the field. [Photo: Reuters]
  • Irina Shayk. (Photo: Splash News)
  • Irina Shayk. (Photo: Splash News)