Ed Schultz Yells This On Live TV: ‘Big Eddie’s Taking A Shower Just Down The Hall!’

Vince Coglianese | Editorial Director

Call him Sweaty Eddie!

MSNBC host Ed Schultz told his viewers Monday that during every show from his “home studio here in Detroit Lakes,” he “end[s] up sweating pretty hard.”

Schultz may be red-faced, but he isn’t embarrassed to tell viewers about his bathing habits.

In response to a viewer question, the constantly yelling anchor revealed that as soon as his 5 p.m. show ends, he sprints to his bathroom down the hall.

“I end up sweating pretty hard at the end of this program,” he shouted, before nicknaming himself “Big Eddie.”

“So Eastern time, at about five after six, if you’re really concerned about that, Big Eddie’s taking a shower — just down the hall,” he yelled with a grin.

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