Need Chocolate? Eat A Skull

Black Chocolate Co., a UK chocolate-making company, is now selling chocolate molded into the shape of a skull.

You can buy the life-sized chocolate on Etsy. Black Chocolate claims the skulls are anatomically accurate to a dead man’s skull.

In the description of their product, Black Chocolate says, “These unique chocolate skulls will be a great present for a loved one or an incredible addition to an event that will get everyone talking.”

Sure, if you’re a cannibal.

On Etsy, the founders of Black Chocolate call their creations artistic: “My partner and I have a great passion for chocolate, and as we are very passionate about art as well, we thought – ‘why not combine the two?'”

These delectable chocolate skulls are a bit pricey – right now they sell for $119.55, and that’s without shipping and tax. But apparently feasting on enormous human skulls is pretty awesome, because the chocolate treats have two 5-star reviews, one of which reads, “Delicious, stupendous to look at.”

You bet they are.

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