Bail-Jumper Arrested After Being Photographed In Newspaper’s Redskins Article

An alleged New York fugitive was caught by the police on Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s campus on Sunday after officers found his picture in a newspaper, The Associated Press reports.

Twenty-five-year-old Jacob Close was wanted for jumping bail years earlier in a drug and DUI case in Ithaca, N.Y., according to Mediaite.

Close had agreed to be photographed and have his name published in the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise’s “Your Opinion” feature, where he was asked to give his opinion on if the Washington Redskins should change their name.

His answer was that the Redskins team should keep its name but change its mascot to a potato.

Police had no idea that Close was on the Bloomsburg University campus until seeing his name and photograph in the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise, leading to Closes’s arrest at the student recreation center.

Close was taken back to Ithaca and faces $25,000 bail.