Here’s How Ridiculous Everyday Life Would Be If It Were A Soccer Match [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what the real world would look like if soccer rules applied to everyday circumstances? YouTube user Fourgrounds Films decided to make a video of what it would be like if everyone were as soft – er, frequently fouled as much as soccer players.

Flopping is nothing new to soccer and is seen as one of the reasons America is hesitant to adopt the sport, according to the BBC.

“In the US, the practice goes against what many see as fair play. In ice hockey, fans are used to seeing their heroes hide injuries from coaches, not conjure them up to gain an advantage. In American football, players only tend to go to ground when they are thumped by a (280 pound) linebacker. It is not a game that tolerates flopping.”

The Wall Street Journal published the “Flopping Rankings” for all the teams through the first 32 games by amount of flops, time spent on the ground and the quickest to an “injury.” Interestingly enough, the host country and World Cup favorite Brazil led the pack.

So see what it would be like if we all treated everyday life like a soccer match in the video below.