Costco Concedes To America On ‘America’

Jim Treacher | Blogger

No store in the United States of America is under any obligation to stock any item they don’t want to. And no customer in America is under any obligation to stay quiet about it.

P.J. Gladnick, Newsbusters:

Shortly after Costco announced that it was removing Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “America: Imagine A World Without Her,” from its stores, it soared to #1 on Amazon.Com. Meanwhile, Costco has been licking its wounds from all the angry reactions it has received and has raised the white flag of surrender by announcing that it will be restocking that book at its stores…

So was it worth it, Costco? You banned a conservative book and inadvertently caused it to soar to #1 on Amazon while causing a public relations disaster with your customer base, many of whom will be leaving you as a result.

That’s one possibility: Costco didn’t want to help a conservative commentator, so they scuttled his book just as his movie was coming out.

But I’m more concerned about Costco’s obvious racism against Indian-Americans. What, because the guy was born in India, he doesn’t deserve his success? They hate brown people so much that they’ll do anything to stop him? Way to go, racists.

If you’re an American of Indian descent and you have a Costco card… why?

(It’s no fun having your own miserably dishonest tactics thrown back in your face, is it, lefties? Here endeth the lesson.)

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