Jim DeMint On Obama Immigration Policy: ‘It’s Hard To Trust This President To Enforce The Law’ [VIDEO]

President of the Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint stated that the White House is taking a dishonest, indirect approach toward immigration reform.

“Greta, I found this statement extraordinarily dishonest,” DeMint said in an interview on Fox News following President Barack Obama’s remarks on immigration in Texas. “So there are so many things I want to respond to, but as we were saying right before he came on, illegal crossings had gone down until 2012. The year before, 6,500 unaccompanied minors had been apprehended. But in 2012, the president did something extraordinary with this DACA executive order, which basically said if you are from Central America and you are a minor, you get here, you can you stay or at least the process to send you home.”

“The real damage that was done by the president’s executive order in 2012 and since then we went from 6,500 to 36,000 in 2013 this year we anticipate 80,000. So the president sent invitation and we know that human traffickers throughout Central America are using the president’s pledge of amnesty to actually get these payments to bring these kids here,” DeMint said.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order allowed young illegal immigrants to apply for status that would delay their deportation.

“So the president did essentially send an invitation what we sue now, Greta is a small taste of what happens when you start talking about amnesty,” DeMint said, “and the president mentioned there that if we pass this comprehensive amnesty, immigration bill that it’s going to fix the problem. We know it will make it worse.”

When Greta van Susteren asked the former senator why comprehensive immigration reform cannot also include securing the border, and thus, appease both the agendas of the Republicans and the Democrats.

DeMint confirmed that security is the main concerns with the Republicans, but said that he would be wary about this kind of immigration because, “It’s hard to trust this president to enforce the law.”

“What you see here is the president is trying to make this a fight between him and Congress,” DeMint said, “The only thing is for congress to give him more money when, in fact, he has a half trillion dollars in his budget for domestic security which includes border security and the congress now is considering appropriations for next year that began in October. he doesn’t need an emergency bill right now. He has got the flexibility to act in every area that he is talking about.”

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