Snowden: Can I Stay In Russia A Bit Longer?

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden likes Russia quite a bit. In fact, Snowden likes Russia so much that his lawyer Anatoly Kucherna filed for an extended stay at Moscow’s Federal Migration Service, according to The New York Times.

“We have submitted documents for extending his stay in Russia,” Kucherna is quoted as saying.

Snowden is running out of time — his temporary asylum expires on Aug. 1. According to Russia Beyond The Headlines, Snowden is acclimating to Russian society and is uncertain how long he will stay in the country.

“He has proven to be a unique specialist and a capable person,” Kucherna said. “In any case, he is working hard to study Russian and he has made a lot of progress on that.”
The Russian FMS has not provided a statement on the filing, Russia Beyond The Headlines reported.
“I will not say for now under which status we would like to get this extension because the decision rests with the Federal Migration Service,” Kucherna told The Drum.