Democratic Congressional Candidate Offers $100K For Nude Pics Of Teen Hunter

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Daily Caller previously reported that Mike Dickinson is running for Congress in Virginia. While claiming he was, he never filed the proper paperwork and is not an actual candidate for Congress. 

Some guy who pretends he is running for Congress in Virginia is on the hunt for naked pictures of Texas Tech cheerleader and animal-lover Kendall Jones.

The teen caused a ruckus on the Internet when her Facebook page with photos of her big-game kills, including a lion and a leopard, went viral. Facebook removed the photos and then begrudgingly removed a “Kill Kendall Jones” page Thursday.

Now some liberal guy running a fake campaign for congress (this website has since been taken down) in Virginia is obsessively tweeting about Jones, asking for nude photos or videos, and it’s disgusting:




And most recently:


Mike Dickinson actually has more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Here’s a picture of him with clothes on (NSFW):

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)