College Football Unveils New Championship Trophy

The Bowl Championship Series has ended, and sadly so has its iconic Waterford Crystal football trophy.

With the welcoming of new championship system, which will feature a four-team playoff, the College Football Playoff unveiled its new trophy Monday morning.

(Photo: College Football Playoff)

(Photo: College Football Playoff)

The new trophy is 26.5-inches high and weighs in squarely at 35 pounds. It features an ascending virtual football. During a live unveiling in Irving, Texas, College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said he would save the first hoisting of the trophy for January 2015, when it’s awarded to the winner of the national championship game at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Hancock said almost 50 trophy designs were considered, and CFP considered how the trophy is handled during the presentation in January while designing it.

He called the trophy “a substantial piece of art” and said it was “perfect for the new college football playoff.”

When talking about how much it cost to make, Hancock called it “priceless.”

The crystal football, officially named the American Football Coaches Association National Championship Trophy in 2006, had been around since 1986 and was valued at $30,000.

Seems like it will take college football fans a while to adjust to their new trophy. Meanwhile, the original trophy will still be given to the top team from the Coaches’ Poll.

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