Father Claims African Land So His Daughter Could Be Princess

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

Jeremiah Heaton claimed a 800 square mile mountainous region between Sudan and Egypt, so his daughter could live out her dream of becoming a princess.

Heaton named the land the Kingdom of North Sudan, and his daughter is now known as Princess Emily, according to an article published Sunday by the Daily News.

The region he claimed is known as Bir Tawil and is claimed by neither Sudan nor Egypt. Heaton told the Times Dispatch Friday he plans to “pursue formal recognition with African nations.”

Heaton told the Times Dispatch how it all started,”Over the winter, Emily and I were playing and she has a fixation on princesses. She asked me in all seriousness if she’d be a real princess someday and I said she would.”

This past June, he went on a 14 hour journey by caravan to plant a flag his family designed in Bir Tawil. Bir Tawil is an arid desert with a population of zero.

Regarding her newfound royalty Emily said,”It’s cool.”

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