Nine Sizzling Reasons NOT To Cross The Border [SLIDESHOW]

Forget border patrol or the long trek, these smokeshows from south of the border are nine perfectly good-looking reason not to cross it. Stay put, because these sizzling tans will have Americans searching for their passports.

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  • Why cross the border when you can sail away with Mirtha Michelle? [Photo: Instagram]
  • We wish there were actually two of her. [Photo: Instagram]
  • Offically saluting her in orange, black, and white. [Photo: Instagram]
  • Another good thing about being south of the border? It's too hot to wear shirts. [Photo: Instagram]
  • The bikinis are way smaller in Mexico. [Photo: Instagram]
  • They literally ONLY wear bikinis. [Photo: Instagram]
  • Their beaches are way hotter than Florida. [Photo: Instagram]
  • TIENES CALOR. [Photo: Instagram]