My Bad! Red Sox Ball Girl Accidentally Snags Line Drive [VIDEO]

A Red Sox ball girl said “I’ll probably get fired” to fans after she accidentally grabbed a line drive during the Red Sox-Royals game on Friday.

“And Hosmer pulls it fair!” The announcer says. “And… it’s handled by the ball girl?”

The accident happened in the top of the fourth inning when Royals’ Eric Hosmer hit a line drive past first base. The ball girl confused the ball as being foul and ran to pick it up, before realizing it was fair. She immediately drops the ball and quickly sits back down, visibly cringing at her mistake, USA TODAY Sports explains.

The announcer chuckles as the ball girl realizes her error, “little too late… too bad.”

She then turns to the fans, saying “That was bad, I’ll probably get fired.”

He speculates on Hosmer’s double and whether her mistake would have made any difference, saying it’s the umpires discretion, and compares it to fan interference.

The Royals scored two runs in that inning, putting them ahead by 3-1. The Red Sox came back in the sixth inning with four runs, winning the game 5-4.


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