The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘D’

If you’ve been following The Daily Caller’s alphabet of racism you’re starting to understand that racism is everywhere, everyday. If you haven’t, learn your ‘A,’ your ‘B’ and your ‘C’ immediately.

And here are 7 things beginning with the letter ‘D’ that somebody, somewhere has deemed racist.

(Photo: Getty Images)The death penalty and white people who support it are racist, according to Slate. A long time ago, white people used the death penalty as a tool of racial control, the piece explains, and more white than black people support capital punishment today. Therefore if you support the death penalty and you’re white, you’re racist. Because absolutely nothing has changed since the Civil War or even the Civil Rights movement.

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons/DonkeyHotey)When Manuel Sykes, a black preacher running for Congress in Florida, was told in a blunt voicemail his 2014 run would not be supported by the Democratic Party, he saw racism. “Well, what they’re saying is, ‘Stay in your place,” he explained in a May interview. “It’s OK to run for local elections, state elections, but you’re not going to represent us in Washington. … We want your vote but the rest you stay out of.'”

Si Robertson (Photo: Getty Images)A&E’s hit reality TV series “Duck Dynasty,” which is a show about a loving family who makes duck calls for a living, isn’t just racist, it’s apparently an agent of white supremacy. In a discussion last December about a growing “us versus them culture” in the U.S., MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson said Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty “is part of a majority white supremacist culture that either consciously or unconsciously incubates hatred toward those who are different.”

(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons/Eduardo Marcetti)Some dogs are apparently racist, although they are not born that way, unlike white people. Animal Behaviorist Crista L. Coppola explains: “Dogs are not born racist. Some will however be reactive towards a certain ‘look’ of people if they were not socialized properly to that ‘look’ when they were pups and/or they have a bad experience with people that ‘look’ a certain way…”