13 Amazing New Ways To Use Bacon [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr) (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)  

Bacon is the living embodiment of America. It’s more than a slice of meat, and it was meant for so much more. Is it a coincidence that the American flag is embellished with red strips of bacon? I don’t think so.

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  • Let's face it. You don't always have access to bacon, but you can always have a bacon breath mint on hand! (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Cupcakes are fine flying solo, but instead of traditional jimmies, try bacon sprinkles. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Enhance date night. Embellish those martinis with succulent strips of the finest meat known to man. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Ditch the hawaiian breeze air freshener. This is so much better. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Chapped lips? You know what can fix that? Bacon. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Let's say you're sitting in your office, eating a BLT for lunch. You want a drink, but something that will match the taste of your sandwich. Behold, bacon in liquid form. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • The solution to all your coffee breath problems. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Men don't have to be ashamed of candles anymore. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • You want something fried, but at the same time, you want bacon. I bring you ... fried bacon. Crisis averted. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Did one of your flip flop straps blow out on you? No worries. Replace it with bacon. It will never let you down. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • It's more than mayonnaise ... it's BACONNAISE. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Bacon toothpaste: For that refreshing bacon taste before bed. (Photo: Creative Commons/Flickr)