Courts Will Have To Mitigate ENDA And Obama’s Executive Order, Advocate Says

There are no exemptions for religious groups in the executive order Obama signed prohibiting LGBT discrimination in the workplace on Monday.

Obama’s neglect is infuriating religious advocates, who wish Obama would let Congress pass the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, a similar law allowing exemption for religious groups. (RELATED: Obama’s LGBT Executive Order Threatens Religious Liberty, Say Advocates)

Dr. Michael L. Brown, host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show “Line of Fire,” says if Congress passes ENDA, the courts will have to rule between the two laws, and that will create a messy legal process.

“Unless we have the courts send a message that the [Obama] administration has overreached, I don’t know see how we’re going to decide it,” Brown said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “ENDA is more wide-ranging, whereas the president’s order has more limited scope [because it doesn’t exempt religious organizations].”

Brown believes religious organizations need to oppose Obama’s executive order, and they need to unify on the issue as soon as possible.

“To whatever extent this can be challenged, then as many Christian organizations as possible must immediately bring legal challenges,” Brown told TheDC. “Either way we refuse to bow down or compromise, even if that means losing federal funds or contracts. Christians all over the world are losing their lives for their faith, it’s not so much for us to lose tax emption for our faith.”

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