Man Busted For Smuggling Oxycodone In Skittles Bags To Baby

A Long Island man was arrested for smuggling oxycodone pills in Skittles bags to a two-month-old baby in Vermont, the New York Daily News reports.

Michael Foreste, known as the “Taste the Rainbow” peddler, was sending the pills to a client in Vermont. The baby is the client’s niece.

But little did Foreste know that his client, Dannis Hackney was actually cooperating with Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA had been monitoring a home in Valley Stream, where Foreste lived with his mother. Two packages had been seized at the baby’s home, where officials found stuffed animals, baby clothing, candy bars as well as Skittles bags that contained 30-milligram oxycodone pills that have an estimated street value of $30 a piece.

One Skittles bag contained 305 oxycodone pills, and another had 80 pills.

Foreste is now in Vermont after being indicted on drug charges. He had a prior conviction in which he was caught with 650 oxycodone pills in his boxer shorts at a traffic stop, which he had been released free of bail on appeal.

Hackney also faces charges for failing to disclose to the feds that Foreste had been sending the pills to his niece.

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