Mirror Mailbox: ‘Donald Trump Is A Man-Boy’

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

This morning we hear from a reader who is sick and tired of real estate mogul Donald Trump‘s puffed up political aspirations. The letter comes in response to this Mirror item from Monday.

Ms. Rothstein,

Let me be frank: I’m getting sick and tired of Donald Trump’s fake (and admittedly stupid) “runs” for political office, whether it be President, Governor of New York State, the Senate (yes, he’s toyed with that too) … whatever.

I’ll dispense with all the arguments, rational and otherwise, about his brand of politics, which is a carbon copy of Ross Perot’s, Pat Buchanan’s … or to the left-wingers, David Duke’s.

He’s acting like a damn (sorry!) child. “Mama, I wanna be Pwezident!!! Can I? Huh? Pweeze? Huh? Huh? Pwezident gits to do all kinds of weewy neat things!!!!”

Face it: Donald Trump is a man-boy, a victim of arrested development. He, by virtue of his massive inherited wealth, never fully matured into an adult. He didn’t have to.

Look at him, listen to him, and you’ll see what I mean. Play a mental game with him: Do a reverse version of the late-1980’s flick “Big” and imagine The Donald regressing into a twelve-year-old before your eyes. You’ll see how easy it is to imagine such a thing happening.

Take care,

Daniel Weir

Washington, DC

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