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HILARIOUS HACK JOB: USA Today’s Dep. Managing Editor Gets Flirty

Last night USA Today‘s Deputy Managing Editor Rodney Brooks got a taste of the age of modern media. His Twitter account got hacked. But not just that. He became something of a matchmaker. The messages Brooks sent against his will were highly flirtatious, including one to military activist and ex-talk show host Montel Williams (who still thinks the “damn White House” should get back to him about the treatment of military vets).

Rodney Brooks: “@Montel_Williams Hey this cute chick on KIK wants to chat with you 😉 her username is gingerbaustista2″

Montel, being adept at Twitter, wondered if Brooks actually meant to sent him news of a cute chick named Ginger Bautista 2. Kik is an instant messaging system you can get on your Smartphone. No phone number required, just a preferably dirty username like the many examples below.

Montel Williams: “@Perfiguy did u mean to send that to me? I’m guessing not.”

Brooks soon explained. Way too many messages to count, but let’s just say in another universe, USA Today‘s deputy managing editor knows a lot of cute chicks with hilarious names.

My personal favorites of the women’s names include Bendy Truffle O, Ms. Girly O, and Honey Moaner 2.

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