Call Him Woo-Bama Because This Obama Supporter Is SUPER STOKED! [VIDEO]

Katie Frates | Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough

An Obama supporter literally couldn’t contain his excitement at a rally in Los Angeles on Thursday where President Obama spoke about the economy.

Cue 11 “Woo’s” (and one almost woo); seven “Yeah’s”; three “OBAMA’s” and two “USA’s” (we cut a lot out); and one passionate “Boo” at a heckler.

We don’t blame him for bursting with emotion. Who wouldn’t want to stand in the blazing sun and stare at the back of the president’s head?

After a hard days work, job well done Woo-Bama, job well done.

Woo-Bama Takes A Break on Make A Gif

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