Who Loves Cheese Crackers? The Molina Brothers Love Cheese Crackers

Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals joked around with his older brother Jose Molina of the Tampa Bay Rays during their game on Wednesday.

Injured little brother Yadier left cheese crackers on home plate for Jose prior to him taking the field.

With an injured Yadier recovering from a thumb injury and hanging around the dugout, he sent third base coach Jose Oquendo out with two packs of cheese (or peanut butter?) crackers before his older brother Jose sauntered over to home plate.

Jose’s reaction is quite solid. A few chuckles on his end, a few from the Cardinals dugout and his brother. A toss of the crackers in the back pocket and Jose moved on with business as usual.

Surely those crackers remained completely intact in his back pocket until the inning ended.

For the record, Jose went 1-4 with a double and three strikeouts. Yadier, on the other hand, will be lucky to play by seasons end.

Brothers playing against each other. Gotta love it.


(h/t Deadspin)