Here’s Three Power Plant Cooling Towers Collapsing At Once [VIDEO]

Around dawn on Sunday morning in southeastern Great Britain, a trio of garish power plant cooling towers crumpled in breathtaking fashion during a controlled demolition.

A large number of locals in the British county of Oxfordshire turned out to watch the Didcot power station cooling towers meet their end after four decades of dominating the sky.

For over 90 seconds in the particular video below, absolutely nothing happens. The towers stand in the background. In the foreground, four ladies stand around (two in pajamas).

The fun begins right around the 1:35 mark, nearly 400 pounds of explosives used to bring down the towers suddenly work their magic.

“Jesus!” a guy yells as the rumble of explosives fill the air and the towers begin to cascade downward more or less in unison.

“Fuckin’ hell” mutters another.

It’s all over in about 10 impressive seconds.

Then, the ladies pose for a couple pictures and the video ends.


The demolition occurred at around 5 a.m., reports The Guardian. There were two sirens. Then, there were some flashes at the base of the towers as the explosives ignited. A huge plume of smoke followed the rapid fall of the towers.

The local power company opted not to move the demolition to a more convenient tine for onlookers despite a petition which garnered over 3,000 signatures.

“Explosive demolition can be dangerous if not managed in a professional and coordinated manner,” a power company spokesman apologetically explained.

The next step in the process is a giant power washing and sweeping of the entire surrounding community to clean up after the the huge dust cloud caused by the explosion.

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