NYPD Courageously Defends Tourists From Costumed Panhandlers [VIDEO]

The NYPD is currently engaged in a battle with costumed panhandlers who are apparently terrorizing New York City tourists by demanding $10 per picture.

Rookie cop Eduardo Molina engaged in a violent struggle with a man dressed as Spider-Man Saturday, after Molina confronted him for charging tourists excessive prices for a photo-op, the New York Post reports. Bishop responded by telling the cop to fuck off and then punched him in the face.

“Fuck you! This is none of your business!” he said according to the Post.

Since that incident, police have arrested five more panhandlers, the Post reports, and took it upon themselves to follow others around, warning tourists of the danger as they go.

“They’re like little terrorists preying on all the tourists,” one law-enforcement source said.

For exmaple, here is a photo of The Naked Black Cowboy at work:

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 14: Mora Giwa (L) poses with performer Titus Gandy in Times Square during Valentine's Day celebrations on February 14, 2013 in New York City. People around the world are celebrating the lovers holiday. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

He was arrested on an open warrant and charged with drug possession when he rolled into the station to check on his friend Bishop. Police also arrested Captain America, Jessie the cowgirl from “Toy Story,” and another Spider-Man figure.

But The Naked Black Cowboy and Captain America have since been seen back on the street.

Luis Salinas, who dressed as Captain America, told the Post he was arrested simply for standing next to Bishop when he punched the cop. “I was standing by Spider-Man, who punched a cop, and then four cops came over and arrested me,” he said. “I didn’t struggle, I’m 20. I let them arrest me.”

Salinas was released without bail, but Gandy, The Naked Black Cowboy, denied he was ever arrested.

“I think the police are great,” he said.

Here’s a glimpse of the struggle between the rookie cop and the aggressive Spider-Man that led to the crackdown. Elmo and Minnie Mouse can be seen looking on as the cop takes his time wrestling the Bishop to the ground. “Stop resisting, bitch!” he says in the video obtained by the Post.


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