Greg Gutfeld Berates American Apathy Towards Global War: ‘We Ignore Evil, But It’s Not Ignoring Us’ [VIDEO]

As Russia prepares to invade Ukraine and Islamists from Nigeria to Iraq kidnap, burn and butcher their way across the world, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld thinks it’s time for Americans to sit up and pay attention. “We can ignore evil,” he claimed, “but it’s not ignoring us.”

The co-host of “The Five” took America to task for its apathy in the face of a world on fire. “It’s getting pretty bad,” he said. “Girls kidnapped, children butchered, men crucified. The massacring, the rape, the selling of women. If you’re looking for proof of real evil, you came to the right place.”

“Evil spreads where there is no wall, and thanks to modern technology we get to see it all — if we want,” he continued. “After all, there’s just too much on TV these days. There’s Kim, Kanye, Justin. It used to be easy to condemn evil. Now, who has the time?”

“Preoccupied with online words as opposed to real deeds, consuming pop culture like popcorn, to the average American the outside world is now a remote bazaar of competing hysterias and horrors,” Gutfeld accused. “And like a kid at the buffet, we walk past the stuff that we don’t like.”

“You can thank previous generations who fought and died for our disposable comfort,” the Fox host went on. “Some terrified kid less than half my age died on a beach in 1944 so that I’m able to binge-watch ‘Scandal’ in my boxers. He grew up so I could remain a child.”

“And so we ignore evil, but it’s not ignoring us,” Gutfeld declared. “Radical Islam is a political version of stalking: it doesn’t take no for an answer.”

“You know who gets evil? The people closest to it,” he said. “The Kurds, unlike your campus pacifist, has no luxury of distance. That luxury, however, has run out. As we tweet, they terrorize. They choose suicide vests over selfies.”

“It’s time we took this seriously,” Gutfeld concluded, “if not for your sake, then for those you do care about — like the Kardashians.”

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