Paris Hilton Made $2.7 Million In Four Days By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Paris Hilton reportedly made $2.7 million over four days in Ibiza last week. Did she cure cancer? Help find homes for orphans? Secure clean drinking water for people in third-world countries? No, the 33-year-old hotel heiress launched her two-month tour as a DJ, and simply pressed play on her iPod.

Paris Hilton's New Single "Come Alive" Release Party - Inside

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The tour consists of 13 gigs, and means Hilton, who signed with Cash Money Records, is earning about $347,000 per hour at the Ibiza club Amnesia, where she is the resident DJ every Wednesday for the next month. She’ll also travel to South Korea, Columbia and Barcelona in between her times in Ibiza, and will complete the tour in Atlantic City in October.

Hilton has essentially confirmed the amount she is bringing, retweeting several fan accounts that are in disbelief over the amount.