Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Yesterday’s News’ [VIDEO]

Kentucky Republican Sen, Rand Paul played a little word association with a local reporter, labeling Hillary Clinton “yesterday’s news” and Barack Obama “affable but often ineffectual.”

The likely candidate for president in 2016 sat down with KET’s Bill Goodman for an interview that ended with the reporter asking Paul to provide snap judgments of top American politicians.

“Chris Christie,” Goodman began.

“Bridges,” Paul smirked.

Rick Perry was more difficult. “It’s hard to put it in one word,” Paul laughed. “What I would say is that, I like the fact that he has been for more power for states and for less government in his state. We have some disagreements on some other things.”

“Hillary Clinton,” Goodman continued.

“Yesterday’s news,” Paul replied quickly.

“President Obama,” the reporter asked.

“Affable, but often ineffectual,” the senator said.

Marco Rubio rounded out the game. “Thoughtful, and part of the answer to making our party bigger — a good new face for our party,” Paul said, describing his fellow Republican senator.

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