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Why The Man Of The House Should Be Armed

By Felicity Bower, American Handgunner

I like to shoot as much as any other red-blooded American girl who shares this passion. I’m no longer a girl, but I like the word — it keeps me feeling young and, you know, feeling like one of the girls. Call me names if you want, but I think the man of the house is the one who should be armed and, if push comes to shove, the one who should be ready to defend our kids and I. This whole silliness about “men and women are equal” is pure bulldiddly as anyone with half a brain can see. All girls know it, but we don’t let on (usually), because of the advantages. And the men are either too dumb — or they like it that way — or maybe it’s just too convenient for us girls to spill many beans.

Ladies on TV news play along and it’s time for it to stop. There’s a reason why women don’t play on football teams, and you know it. There’s a reason men and women compete separately in every sport requiring strength or speed. Women are the weaker sex, and that’s all there is to it. When women throw the shot put in the Olympics, they always throw slightly short of the men. That’s the best versus the best. Always. But the women throw a shot nearly half the weight, 8.8 pounds vs. 16 … I rest my case.

Sure, you can find a woman who can beat a man (or has a better mustache!), or one pro who is better than another pro. Some female somewhere is an outlier to the group, but it proves nothing. Trying to make the case proves you’re an idiot. Thomas Jefferson was flat wrong when he said, “all men are created equal.” They aren’t either. Everyone knows it but no one will say it flat out loud. Well, there it is … I’ve said it. We’re all entitled to equal treatment, but respect the differences or be seen as a fool, fool.

It’s A “Man Thing”

Because boys and girls are different — and boys are stronger — we like different things based on the strength difference. We just do. You can argue, but it’s true, and you know it.

Anyone can go to a gun show. It’s a free country (still). So, who goes? Men mostly — it’s 95% men (great place to shop for one, by the way). When I go, there are very few sisters around to visit with, but we all spy each other, and look each other over, like women do. And the men look us over too, don’t you boys? It’s non-stop ogling, and most of you aren’t subtle about it a’tall. Hey, we don’t mind, we dress for it, and some lap it up, like the hussies.

There’s hardly anything at the shows for us to buy and it’s all because guns are basically a “man thing.” Freud thought so, too. But, it all circles back to my main point (my man point?): If someone is going to defend my home, I want it to be my man because it’s his job. He’s better at it than me, more naturally inclined toward it and he practically wants to do it. A gun is an equalizer, but it takes strength.

I can defend us if necessary. I know I can, and I will if I have to … don’t dare me. But he’s prepared — he likes it, practices with his buddies and reads about it in magazines like this one (we have so many lying around and he won’t throw any of them out!).

Sensible Division

We have a division of labor to help run our household. He does the barbecue and I set the table and clean the dishes; he carries packages and makes home repairs, I do the laundry. You probably run your home in a similar way, since every couple I know has similar divisions of labor. If we ever had a break-in, God forbid, I know what we’d do without even having a plan — which we do — worked out together.

My man would get one of several firearms, as would I, and while he’s carefully investigating from cover, I’d be corralling the kids into a safe area, dialing for backup. There’s more to it than that, but I’m not going to tell you everything. What I’m saying is the man has the primary responsibility for the family’s safety; I like it this way because it feels right.

America has lost some of this simple home wisdom. Some of the junk on TV makes it seem like if you believe in different roles for men and women you’re doing something wrong. Well I’ll tell you what’s wrong — that notion. You have to believe the evidence of your own eyes, heart and soul. And remember being the woman of the house is a wonderful and natural responsibility. You should assume your role with pride, and allow your man to have his role with equal pride.

Felicity Bower has been writing for Alan Korwin’s company Bloomfield Press, for nearly 20 years. It’s the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. He invites you to write to them or see their work, at


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