This Video Of Little Korean Kids Eating Warheads Is Awesome [VIDEO]

We found a new weapon! Move over atomic bomb, we’ve got Warheads. Not the kind you explode, but the deliciously sour candies that apparently no one in South Korea has ever tasted.

Brilliant idea by the teacher in the video. He’s training the South Korean youth in advanced weaponry. He gave them to children, which I fully support. Who’s more gullible than children? You can get them to try anything. They’re like nature’s lab mice.

Now South Korea, and by default the U.S., has a new weapon in a potential war with North Korea. We’ll have to start sending them to Kim Jong-Un as an assassination attempt. He’s fat. He’ll eat anything. Dress them as “Delicious Candy For Glory Of Great Leader” and he’ll be at them in no time. The fatty can’t resist.

Then boom. Dead from the sweet/sour taste of American freedom. Let’s see you dance your way out of this one, Kimmy.

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