Sharks Are Trying To Eat Google’s High Speed Internet Cable

Google is spending $300 million to help build a Trans-Pacific, high speed internet cable from the U.S. To Japan, but sharks are already trying to eat through the six-fiber-pair cable. So now Google is wrapping the cable in Kevlar-like material to stop sharks from destroying their million-dollar project. (RELATED: Google Backs $300 Million Plan To Build Huge Internet Cable Connecting US, Japan)

Undersea cables have been attractive to sharks for quite some time, according to Network World. In 1987, The New York Times reported sharks biting fiber-optic phone cables on the Pacific Ocean floor. Sharks may be sensing the electric current given off by the cables and mistaking the current for prey.

Regardless, Google isn’t planning to let the Trans-Pacific cable go down without a fight, as it seems like they’re probably spending a lot of money to wrap their thousand-foot long cable in Kevlar, according to BGR.

You can watch a shark attacking undersea cables in the video below.


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