The Hottest Women On The Internet This Week [SLIDESHOW]

Everyone is after these sultry celebrities, and it’s very clear why. See the stars who were the hottest on the Internet this week!

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  • Ariana Grande's legs are likely the reason she was so sought after. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Jennifer Lopez reminded the world this week just exactly what her greatest asset is. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Miley Cyrus regularly performs without any clothes on, so it's not surprise people were searching her name. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • It should come as no surprise that Scarlett Johansson made this list. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Eva Mendez is one hot mom-to-be. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Megan Fox, the only reason anyone went to see "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Jennifer Lawrence nude
  • Cameron Diaz may have posed for Esquire in July, but she is still setting the Internet ablaze with her wet t-shirt. (Photo: Esquire Magazine)
  • Yep, you know why Kim Kardashian is on this list. (Photo: Tumblr)