‘Step Up!’: Michael Eric Dyson ‘Yearns’ For President Obama To Respond Forcefully To Ferguson [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

Liberal political commentator Michael Eric Dyson urged President Obama to “step up” and address the Ferguson crisis more forcefully.

The Georgetown University professor declared that he “yearns for more response from the White House” to the race riots and police crackdown triggered by last week’s shooting of teenager Michael Brown.

“This president knows better than most what happens in poor communities that have been antagonized, historically, by the hostile relationship between black people and the police department,” Dyson charged. “It is not enough for him to come on national television and pretend that there’s a false moral equivalency between police people who are armed, and black people who are vulnerable constantly to this.”

“He needs to use his bully pulpit to step up and articulate this as a vision,” he continued. “Not necessarily in terms of public policy alone, because [Attorney General] Eric Holder is doing a tremendous job in filling in those gaps. But we need presidential leadership. He needs to step up to the plate and be responsible.”

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