Heartbreaking: Black Man Attempts To Dissuade Looters In Ferguson, Reporter Attacked [VIDEO]

Fox News reporter Charlie LeDuff fends off an attacker and dodges bottles in this heartbreaking video, as he tells a different story about what’s happening in Ferguson.

“Here in the mayhem of Ferguson is a remarkable scene,” the narrator says. “A remarkable man.”

LeDuff is sitting with a young black man attempting to fend off looters and persuade them their violence is counter-productive. “We ain’t looting in here,” he says.

“I care about everybody,” the man tells LeDuff. “White, black, Hispanic, Asian, African-American. We all out here trying to protect and serve — better than what [the police] doing up there. They blocking us off and tear gassing us, but they need to be out here protecting and serving.” 

A band of looters approaches and begin taunting the man, claiming he’s “for the white man.”

“I ain’t for the white man,” he responds. “I’m for everybody.”

Another man is seen in the video lamenting the violence. “Hey, this ain’t what it’s about man. Stealing other people’s shit, yo. The whole fucking world looking at us. And y’all n–as stealing shit man.”

One looter attacks LeDuff with a giant orange traffic cone, and he and the black man are chased away. But the message of the video remains positive: “We have nothing to add to this story except an opinion: We choose to believe he is who we really are in America, or what we can, and ought to be.”


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