The Daily Caller Presents: America’s Most Delicious Colleges

Most schools in America try to stuff students with cheap food that would probably be rejected by inmates serving life sentences. But some schools do food right, and for that they deserve a shout out. So if you’ve got a hungry tummy and don’t like punishing your body with mass-produced sludge, scroll through TheDC’s official list of colleges with the best quality food.

Virginia Tech: Youtube Screenshot:Virginia TechAdored by students, visiting parents and even hungry professors Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University pumps out some quality grub. One of the most mouthwatering dining halls at Virginia Tech is Hokie Grill & Co. which has Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Carvel and Dunkin Donuts. That’s right, the lucky bastards at VT get to roll out of bed for an 11 a.m. class, grab a cup of Dunkin’ and then munch on God’s gift to every college student: Chick-fil-A nuggets.

University of Georgia: Youtube Screenshot:Kavi VuStudents at the University of Georgia somehow manage to keep off the freshman 15, even though the dining options are nothing short of scrumptious. Serving up meals at each of the school’s five dining halls, the Southern University also has three food courts that dish out everything from vegan salads to tar-black coffee to get students through all nighters.

University Of Missouri St Louis: Flikr- Creative CommonsIt’s that time of the year when overeager freshmen get dropped off at college and make the transition from confused dweebs to campus studs. And the University of Missouri in St. Louis has a cafe called Comfort Food to nourish students during nervous nights. Other cafes and restaurants include a few Asian food spots, Subway sandwiches, and campus-wide loved Italian food.

Bowdoin: Flikr Creative CommonsBowdoin University has an avant-garde style dining hall, chockfull of tasty, quality meals. When students get tired of hoofing it to the mess hall, they have countless choices to keep their stomachs happy. Most notably, Bowdoin’s Jack Magee’s Bar and Grill fries up burgers and sandwiches for hungry (and sometimes probably hungover) students, while Moulton Union has a homey atmosphere and menu.

UCLA: Youtube Screenshot-UCLAWhen students at the University of California Los Angeles get a hankering for apple pie or deep dish brownies, they get to go to their campus bakery. That’s right, UCLA has a bakery. But since it’s California and filled with people who make a point of looking good in bikinis and swim shorts, there are multiple food stations and cafes that serve vegan and vegetarian options that sound surprisingly good.