Baby Walruses’ Mustaches Are The Most Adorable Thing Ever [SLIDESHOW]

Full-grown walrus may have a reputation as being fat and ugly, but nothing is cuter than baby walruses and their little mustaches.

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  • Being this cute can be exhausting! (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Baby walruses: just as adorable underwater as they are above. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Close-up of the adorable mustache! (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Just look at that adorable mustache! (Photo: YouTube)
  • That magnificent 'stache would give Tom Selleck a run for his money (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Those bristles prove it's possible to be both cute and manly at the same time. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Slightly menacing, but mostly adorable! (Photo: Getty Images)