Finally! A Club For Sober People

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

A Swede is opening a club in Stockholm called Sober — club-goers will have to pass a breathalyzer test to get in the door.

“Swedes need to wake up and stop glorifying booze in the way we do,” owner Marten Andersson told Vice magazine in an interview. “Life is too short for us to be wasted all the time.”

Andersson has been sober for six months, and wants to share his enlightenment about sober fun with the world. “I felt really shitty before and anxious all the time. I partied too much and too often, so I decided to be sober for 60 days,” he said.

“I want to inspire people and show them that you can have a bloody great time without alcohol,” he added. “I want to offer an alternative to just getting hammered.”

The club will feature two dance floors — one where pop music is played and one with electronic and deep house. A zero tolerance policy will be in effect for alcohol or any other kind of drug.

Andersson is convinced his club will be a worthwhile experience, even if it’s a bit awkward.

“I’m convinced that people will have fun, but I am also convinced that some people will feel shitty when they realize how alcohol runs their lives,” he told Vice. “They might just stand awkwardly on the side, without getting the courage to talk or dance with new people. But then, at least, I’ve planted a seed in their minds, and maybe they will evaluate their relationship with alcohol.”

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